PA Culture!


How to become a PA Culture Flagship?

First steps:

  • Identify which action your potential flagship will contribute to
  • Contact PA Culture Coordinators and apply for the flagship status in written form
  • After positive assessment, PA Culture Coordinators will make a recommendation to the PA Culture Steering Group (SG) for a decision
  • After approval of the SG, PA Culture Coordinators are authorized to confirm that the project has the potential to become a PA Culture flagship (e.g. by a support letter for project applications)
  • After approval of the SG, PA Culture Coordinators will make a recommendation to EU Commission/DG Regio
  • DG Regio will consider the proposal after consulting other COM services and makes a recommendation for the Group of EUSBSR National Coordinators
  • As soon as the National Coordinators agree on the proposal, flagship status is granted
  • The new flagship will be included in the Annex to the EUSBSR Action Plan

General Flagship criteria

  • High impact on the BSR macro-region
  • Meeting the objectives of the EUSBSR

Content-related criteria

  • Meeting the objectives of one or more actions of PA Culture, matching in particular the strands listed below:

Action 1

Promoting the BSR cultural and creative industries, encouraging creative entrepreneurship


  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sectors of the region
  • Upscaling the creative potential of the region through exchange of ideas, know-how and experience
  • Triggering resource-efficient cooperation

Flagships wanted in particular in the following areas:

  • Designing tools for the support of small, micro-sized/individual enterprises (pooling resources, joint marketing/export initiatives, facilitating access to capital or marketing opportunities)
  • Promotion of single sectors and inter-sectoral cooperation
  • Promotion of sustainable products
  • Mapping, generating, pooling and sharing knowledge, expertise and experience

Action 2

Promoting and presenting BSR culture, using the force of culture for societal innovation

Presenting the diversity, quality and attractiveness of BSR culture and arts

  • Promoting the BSR as a rich and attractive cultural region
  • Jointly presenting cultural highlights like festivals and other events of supra-regional significance
  • Culture and creativity as drivers for societal innovation, e.g. in the fields of social innovation, sustainable environmental protection and healthy life
  • Triggering spill-over effects and innovation in economy and society through cultural interventions

Flagships wanted in particular in the following areas:

  • Culture as a driver of social innovation (e.g. as regards integration, participation, urban development)
  • Culture as a driver for sustainable innovation

Joint presentation of BSR culture/cultural products (festivals, museums etc.)

  • Presenting the BSR as a culturally attractive region
  • Promotion of cross-sector cooperation (culture labs) bringing together academics and practitioners from the cultural and other sectors, offering access to (new digital) technologies and other shared infrastructure 

Action 3

Preserving and presenting the BSR cultural heritage, strengthening the cultural identity of the region


  • Facilitating the sustainable, cross-sector management of the cultural heritage of the region
  • Ensuring and promoting public interest in and access to these assets
  • Maximizing the societal and economic value of cultural heritage through innovative and visitor-friendly presentations
  • Focusing on the cultural and historic roots of the BSR
  • Strengthening the regional identity

Flagships wanted in particular in the following areas:

  • Cooperation in the course of cross-border infrastructure projects which would endanger the cultural heritage
  • Joint presentation of BSR cultural heritage/cultural heritage products (exhibitions, museums, touristic offers etc.)
  • Pooling and joint use of expert know-how
  • Raising awareness for the cultural, historic and political past / fostering mutual understanding for different views
  • Strengthening regional identity

Main tasks of PA Culture Flagship leaders

  • Ensuring implementation of the flagship
  • Taking an active part in the PA Culture work (relevant meetings and conferences)
  • Regularly reporting on the progress of the project to the PA Culture Coordinators
  • Indicating substantial changes in the project alignment in content or partnership to PA Culture Coordinators
  • Ensuring communication and visibility of the project and its results (including the use of the PA Culture logo on websites and publications)

Download Flagship-Criteria:
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